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Church of Haydee Halloween Storyteller

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I was wondering what you guys thought about turning the city, Church of Haydee (trade central) into kinda a haunted city for Halloween. I have been playing with the storyteller items and you can do some cool things with them. You can even set up a scene and then save it for later.

Basically the way it would work is the theme would be lost imperial and rebel soldiers from some random battle, the soldiers were killed but something is keeping them from becoming one with the force, the goal of visitors is to find and defeat whatever is keeping them from moving on. People fly into CoH and the area right next to the shuttle will be transformed into an area that will help introduce people to the theme and stuff, then they are sent to another spot, say just north across the river where there is a task to be completed.

The loot drop on the npc points them to another area. We have several of these spots that help advance the story line, like when you are getting closer to the final boss you meet more of the dead soldiers that urge you on and such or another clue to the wp where the final boss is. Once you kill the final boss we have some kind of nice loot on them and have another area setup where the soldiers thank the people and the story is over.

I just came up with this today so its not polished at all, but I think it would be fun and interesting so I'm going to give it a shot. Let me know what you guys think.

Sounds awesome!!

sounds like alot of fun , let me know if I can help with anything :)

I'm game :)

I'm in



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