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The Walking Dead

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Its a new show on sunday nights from AMC about surviving the zombie apocalypse. So far it's interesting. If you're a fan of zombie movies you'll enjoy it, but it's also nothing different. I can see it being more entertaining in the longrun though, especially since there haven't really been any shows about zombies, so they could cover the "survival" aspect of it more than the small glimpse movies give.

The one thing that really surprised me though was how gory it was. It's amazing what they can get away with on cable TV nowadays cause this show was crazy. It was more gory than a lot of zombie movies lol

A season pass on itunes is only $16, I'll check it out.

roeco nemotep:
Its a remake of the graphic novel

yeah i heard it was based off a comic or graphic novel

unfortunately i only got to see the last 30min of last night's episode cause my DVR fucked up

roeco nemotep:
so far every episode has been bad ass including last night


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