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Possible background for TOR toon


Here is a possible background I made the other day for my upcomming toon.  Let me know what you think.

Possible decendant of Kreia, born in 4001 BBY.
Misophia great granddaughter of Darth Traya (Keria)

Visas Marr initially an apprentice of DarthNihilus , joined the exile and defeated Darth Nihilus with the assistance of the Mandalore and the Exile.  After that her life is a mystery.  Rumor has it that she then left the Exile and sought truth in her existence.  Torn between the Dark side of the force and the Light side she decided to return to Korriban to seek further knowledge.  Upon arrival on Korriban she was greeted by the spirt of Darth Traya, whom convinced her to stay and learn about the nature of the force.  Darth Traya knew that as time went by Visas Marr would succumb to the dark side once more due to the vast dark energy surrounding Korriban.  Traya tells Marr that she is pregnant, but now is not the time for the child to be born.  She convinces Marr to learn an extended meditation that would let her sleep for 1600 hundred years and then to have the child.  Traya tells her that the child is female and will train under a Jedi Master that falls from the order and begins a new Sith Empire.  That this Sith will be betrayed by his followers, but her daughter will be strong enough to end the upcoming New Sith War.  Marr accepts this as truth and begins to learn the ways from Darth Traya.  Visas Marr enters an extended meditation and begins her wait.  She is awakened from her sleep during the Sacking of Coruscant by tremors in the force.  Unable to re-enter her meditative state she gives birth to a daughter, Misophia.  A strong presence in the force she can feel from her daughter, whom is already gaining power from the planet’s dark energies.  Fifteen years later, during lightsaber training with her daughter, Misophia strikes her mother down, through the use of force lightning and a blur of flips and twists ending in her lightsaber severing one of Visas’ legs.  With eyes full of rage Misophia looks down upon her mother and says, “you should have waited to have me, as you were told, but too weak were you to dismiss the feeble deaths of those on Courscant.  Drawn power from the force you should have, but instead you let it weaken you while you slept.  Too weak are you to live.”  With those final words Misophia swept her blade across her mother’s neck.  Walking away from her mother’s body she hears a female voice, “Good child, but you too should sleep.  There is much more meaning to your life to come.”  Misophia turns around to the vision of Darth Traya, “I don’t follow orders well, and I’ll rest when I’m dead, until then leave me be.”
Now she roams the galaxy searching for an apprentice, or a victim.  Preying on the weak she strengthens herself for any that may challenge her.

What 23 views and no feedback, ah you guys are bound to have some info for me.  Go ahead rip it apart, lol.

Maybe I could just be another Eldon Ax clone.

Who the heck is that?

character from the TOR books.  Her mother was basically a defector from the Empire after they took her daughter Eldon Ax to become a sith.  She sailed off to an unknown planet and eventually cloned her daughter and kept her in a force restrictive bacta tank.  She was an achieved droid maker and made some incredible droids that basically had a part of her in them.  They adapted to whatever they could to get out of any situtation.  Eldon Ax found her clone and eventually the clone died and she then took control over the "Hexes" (droids) to kill her Sith Master.  So I thought if one clone existed, why not another.  It would fit since there's no telling how long ago the first clone was made or if Lema (Eldon's dead mother) made another one at any point in time. 
Actually while reading the book, I was almost hoping the the Hexes would be some part of TOR sooner or later, it could make for a very interesting raid / dungeon instance.
Almost forgot the book was "Fatal Alliance"  Actually not bad at all.


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