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Lattigo, where are you? :)


Hey Lat,
Some of us from Benevolent Thuggery (Rift) are playing GW2....wondering what you are up to?

anyone here playing GW2?
We are on the Maguuma server


I have been in and out of the game lately, I should be back to playing in a week or two once things slow down.  I'l look into seeing about a server transfer and catch up to you all, its been a long time.

yea,  real life makes it tough :)

I play Sat and Sun.... sometimes I can log on after work during the week.
Crow and Classic play during the week
malec plays weekends and sometimes during the week
Githan ....weekends
Riv just started playing today again

so, we are mostly weekends for group playing
doing some fractals, dungeons and WvW 

would love to have you join us, and anyone else that would like to .... Is Bre playing GW2? :)

please feel free to join us on our mumble server:
Get the client here:

login info:

Host Name:
 Port Number: 26893
password: HARDWOOD


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