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Origins of "The Night Wolf"

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Branamar Boh:
*I was a runt when he found me, and I'm still a runt*

The nights on Tatooine can be deceptively cold. "Here get a few swigs of brandy in your system kid", the bar maid handed me a short glass filled with the liquid fire. I didn't know how old I was, I hadn't seen a medic since I was a pup. Mom was an agent in the spy network for Borvo and Jabba. They didn't appreciate her "situation" so she had to dump me off on a late night just outside anchorhead.

*Of all places why here? There's a nice valley in the north with lots of Krayts, I rather like my odds, there versus here*

"Solbobis.......mommy needs to make a quick stop inside, its dangerous so I need you to stay here until I get back. Here..........." she hands me a blaster. I can barely hold the damned thing up and she starts handing me more stuff. Some bread, a change of cloths, and a credits chip.

*Why do I get the sensation of falling a very long distance to the ground*

".........hold these for mommy until she gets back. I might be a while so use any of it if you need it. Its dark so your fur will blend in and the womp rats don't like the taste of Bothans."

*Comforting thought*

She leaves with the haste of someone who is being watched. I was a kid then, but I knew what the Galactic Empire was and their affinity for "questioning" any bothan they could get their hands on. I couldn't have been more than 7 at the time. I already knew my way around Tatooine from travelling with mom. I might need that knowledge now.......

*Blaster fire starts to sound off, illuminating the night. An imperial shuttle lands carrying a detachment of desert commando storm troopers. Their polished armor gives off a stiff gleam in the darkness as the faint light of the sunrise peaks over the mountainous areas just to the north.*

I noticed the stormies weren't shooting just yet, seemed like they were waiting for something. I thought right as funny looking ships swept in and dropped payloads on a wall on the west end of the city. Th structure started to collapse and the civilians living inside started running through a seperate entrance on the south end of the city. Funny thing is...........they weren't running away. These people moved towards the stormies with intent. I didn't realize they were armed until my ear was clipped by blaster fire.

*"It's dark so your fur will blend in..........."*

"Dammnit........" The only words I could get out before being trampled in the clash. Everything kind of went black after that, when I awoke it was sunrise and the corpses were attracting the dragonets.

why hasnt this forum been deleted yet lol, was good though

Branamar Boh:

--- Quote from: Arkady on January 08, 2007, 03:39:32 PM ---why hasnt this forum been deleted yet lol, was good though

--- End quote ---

Not done yet. I was writing a short story for my son and this toon came to mind. Coincidentally my son's story has nothing to do with SWG. Thought I'd try to add something to this forum.

you should put kotor members into it, that'd be sweet...

hint hint ARKADY hint hint

Branamar Boh:
Hah working on it.


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