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RPRPRPRPRPRPRPRP, sometimes i like roleplaying but its hard to roleplay as a rebel, imperial is better because you have more of a basis!!!! :o :o

Roleplaying a Rebel really is a bit harder for most.
If you are an uneducated youth with ADD, you probably can't hack it RP'ing as a Rebel.
Most Rebel's won't RP by constantly asking:
is there pvp? is there pvp? is there pvp? omg pvp is so ghey.  let's run hk. i want all the good loot on the hk run... i'm cool so you can have the sh*tty stuff though.  is there pvp? is there pvp? is there pvp?  you're so ghey. duel me, duel me, duel me, no db, no db.  hahhhahaha I db'd you. n00b. duel me duel me duel me.  OMFG YOU DB'D ME!!!! I'm going to have you banninated you F'ing IDIOT!!!! is there pvp? wow is so much cooler than this game.  is there pvp?  can I have some money?  is there pvp? my armor is better than yours.  my weapon is better than yours.  my template is better than  yours.  duel meduel me duel me is there pvp is there pvp duel me I'm cool your not duel me pvp?

So, by default, it's easier to RP as an IMP... at least on our server.  We're used to stupid people with ADD wearing snowflake armor and the ubar pwnz0r tag of the month.   

lol miage, lately rebels have been starting to do that too, were getting infected I tell you !!

i liked rping as a stormtrooper tbh

wisero, arent you a little short for a stormtrooper?


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